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116 Studio

About Us


The 116Studio team is a group of young people, enthusiasts who want to create something of their own, learn how to work in a team and how to manage it. Thanks to this, we develop both hard and soft skills. The idea for the name came from the number of the room in which 83, (3)% of the team live. Almost all of us attend the same IT school, so we try to ambitiously and creatively use the time we study at this school.

Michał Biernacki

Mariusz Gosławski

Programmer and game designer. I am interested in Python, C++ and Godot Engine. Also I love playing on piano and clarinet.


Bartosz Sajecki

In our team, I am a kind of support for the rest, I try to help with graphics, sound and design. My assumption is that two heads are better than one, so I try to discuss solutions to present another point of view.

Zbyszko Sobecki

I am the newest member of the team, my feature is well-developed soft skills. For this reason, he will mainly deal with marketing, publicizing and advertising our productions.


Adam Gosławski

As chief artist at 116Studio, I am responsible for the appearance of our productions. After school, I want to start working as a UI / UX designer and design graphical interfaces. I release the artist's soul with a pencil and a piece of paper.


Game designer and musician.

I design almost every aspect of our games and I also make music to them. I always apply myself to what I do, I rarely let go.


I am ambitious and I focus on self-development. In the team I deal with game design and programming, and a mechanic. In addition to 116Studio, I develop soft skills at the SEED foundation.

Bartłomiej Hada

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